STEAM Classes for Preschool

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What will children do?

  • 90 minutes of STEAM exploration!
  • Learn a new Science or technology concept each week
  • Build a Knex model that brings the science to life
  • Participate in an art activity that strengthens the learning further. They will explore multiple art media like clay, water colours, pastels, collage, origami etc. throughout the term
  • Innovate and extend the designs taught
  • Communicate and share their thought process and ideas
ARTea Art School's child Build a Knex model

What skills will the children learn?

  • Biology and Physics
  • Problem-solving and 3D Design thinking
  • Creativity and imagination
  • Multiple art techniques
  • Visual spatial skills like object orientation, horizontal and vertical axis, symmetry, right and left etc
  • Observation and attention to detail
  • Concentration and focus
ARTea Art School's girl Build a Knex model

Where, When and Cost?

  • ARTea Art School, 9A Raglan St, Port Melbourne
  • Classes run weekly on Tuesdays during term time 10-11.30pm
  • Cost – $180 for the term or try the class for 2 weeks at just $60!
ARTea Art School boys are drawn red and yellow fish