The importance of art and creativity in a child’s cognitive development has been proven in a lot of research
and studies. It is often noticed that a child engages in scribbling or drawing even before uttering their first
word. Art is a form of expression, which enables a child to connect with his/ her surroundings to grasp

information. As much as art is important for children, it is essential for adults. Drawing, painting and crafts
are often sidelined as activities meant only for children, but they have many positive effects in adults too.
Adults are caught up in the rat race of their corporate jobs and seldom find time to relax. Though vacations
come in as relief, they happen only once or twice a year. It is important for adults also to engage in a
creative recreation that will offer release and bring in a sense of fulfillment.
ARTea is a creative center that is envisioned to organize and execute creative activities including
workshops, parties classes for both children and adults. Based in Melbourne, we understand the
importance of engaging with the arts and we customize events according to your requirement. The
experts at ARTea come with an in-depth understanding of human psychology and has intensively researched
on the physical, emotional, and psychological benefits of activating the creative juices in human beings.
Depending on their age groups, we curate programs for children that aids in their cognitive and creative
growth. We have been laying great emphasis on fostering creative tendencies in adults and have an array
of activities such as clay sculpture/pottery, painting, flower headdress and fascinator making, polymer
jewelry making, botanical watercolor painting, and more. All these sessions are led by experts and
participants are encouraged to improvise and incorporate their own streaks of creativity in the art piece
they are creating. Relaxed and informal, small refreshments and beverages are served during the sessions.
At ARTea, we offer customized sessions for customers and conduct large sessions for corporates or

A unique evening of Pottery, Prosecco and Painting

ARTea organizes a pottery and prosecco evening for individuals who are interested in the same. It is a one-of-a-kind unique experience, new to Melbourne and people are encouraged to walk in alone or with their
friends to partake in the session. One of the striking aspects of this event is that it calls for no experience
and hence even freshers can come in. All the requisite materials are provided and the tutor offers
individual attention to every participant throughout the time. Clay pottery is an amazing activity as it given
the user a hands-on experience in literally touching and feeling the clay, whilst watching it take life in their
hands. This experience is very rejuvenating and gratifying because it goes beyond just doing clay modeling
but creates life from a pound of clay.
Our Social Painting Evenings is another popular event amongst adults. Conducted as a group event, these
gatherings serve a dual purpose of bringing together people who share similar interests and helping them
in fostering their creativity. No prior experience is required for these sessions and all are welcome. At
ARTea, we understand the importance of indulging in creative activity as a group as it can lead to
relaxation and better stress management. All participants are provided with light refreshments which
makes these social painting sessions a sip and paint activity. ARTea is a one-of-a-kind arts school in
Melbourne that offers painting classes that prove as a means to engage and de-stress the adult