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Understanding the need for entertainment and recreation, we at Artea have devised a unique concept that caters to all age groups. The activities include drawing and painting classes, ceramic classes, art workshops and holiday programs. We are specialized in organizing parties of all kind, that too within your budget. Ranging from a basic classic party to the high end, extravagant one, we have it all covered. We have a particular penchant for organizing kids’ parties across ages. We have analysed the specific needs pertaining to every age group and have formulated activities that will be fun, engaging and educative at the same time.

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We understand that 1-3 is a very tender age and the child has to be exposed to carefully chosen materials and activities for interaction. The child is quite receptive to their senses and hence we curate activities that engage their sensory organs. One fun activity is using the footprint canvas wherein the child’s feet and hands are dipped in paint and they are made to create hand and foot prints on the canvas. A simple activity, this makes the child aware of different substances and its touch – the paint and the canvas. It also creates a print that makes the child to ponder over and actually decipher what his or her palm or feet looks like. The use of colour is a fun element in this activity but it also heightens the visual sense of the child and creates an understanding of basic two or three colours. To cater to the sense of touch, we provide mini animals that can fit in the palm of the child. They experience the different forms and structure of each animal and when used over time, they stand to learn their respective names.

Ages 3-6 is quite a receptive age as the child has garnered basic understanding and use of their sensory organs. Here, activities are conducted to enhance this understanding and devise a learning process through fun-filled activities. We have princess and superhero themed settings – two of the most preferred fantasy ideas for children of this age. All our craft and decoration materials are handmade by our team and we carry and array of props that befit the theme. Vibrant and easy to don, they get the children very excited. Understanding the need to learn, we also demonstrate simple and quick science experiments which is fun learning and can be practiced at home. Face paintings and glitter tattoos are yet another component that intrigues kids of this age and we have our expert artists who can do some incredible art.

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Children between 6-12 years are advanced learners and they are on the lookout for more engaging and developed activities at the parties. We have inculcated a lot of craftwork for this age group that includes graffiti on canvas, applique work on t-shirts, making dreamcatchers, mini terrariums and more. Vision and taste are considered as primary and hence we have special cupcake decoration sessions wherein the child is given the opportunity to taste a plethora of cupcakes and taught to decorate them aesthetically. Creating mini terrariums is yet another hands-on activity where they are taught to arrange and set up their own portable biosphere and understand how to nurture a plant.

At all of the parties that we arrange, besides the creative activities, there are an array of traditional games such as passing the parcel, musical statue with disco lights and the sorts. These games are simple and known to all, making it accessible to everyone. The idea is to set a mood where everyone can be equally participative and have fun. Hand decorated goodie bags as a token of appreciation are handed over to the kids before they leave. This art kit contains basic art and craft items that can be used by them.